Align Values With Career Choices

by | May 24, 2011 | Career Help

There are tons of jobs available to those that want them but this does not mean that all of them will be a suitable fit for you. In most cases, people want to enjoy what they do each day and believe it or not, such a goal can be achieved when it comes to choosing your career path. However, only be being honest with yourself and matching your values with the job you want, can you experience favorable results.


Before even looking for a job it is helpful to first know yourself and what you want out of your ideal career. Start by asking yourself important questions, such as what are your priorities: making a lot of money, being able to work from home, job security, moving up within a company? Break down your strengths and weaknesses. Doing this is a great way to find out which career opportunity may not be a good fit for you. For example, if you tend to be the loner type that does well with performing tasks with little to no supervision, then getting a job working the front desk as a receptionist for a busy office may not a good choice.

Do You Want a Paycheck or Do You Want to Make a Difference?

These days many people in the job search pool simply want to make fast money. There are numerous positions that allow for high paying salaries but such opportunities are often an ill-advised choice for individuals that are looking for something more. If you are the type of person that has an interest, hobby or cause that you wish you put your time, effort and resources into, use that to your advantage and apply for positions at companies that share the same goals. Instead of trying to fit into the corporate mold, find happiness spending your time working for a non-profit organization or secure employment as the member of a board that makes important decisions in relation to a cause, such as an afterschool program or local charity. If purpose drives you more than money, follow your gut and don’t just commit to a paycheck alone.

Know Your Role

Have you always enjoyed being a leader or would you rather be a part of a team environment? This particular aspect is crucial when it comes to career development. The role you play in the company should focus on your strengths, not your weaknesses. If you’ve noticed that people have the tendency to gravitate towards you and look up to you, use that talent in a manager or supervisor position. Are you always being complimented on your work ethic and studious demeanor? Take that as a sign that you’d be a great addition to a team, where you can contribute your skills to making sure that your part gets done.

To increase your odds of snagging your dream job, it’s also helpful to submit your resume to recruitment agencies.

Author: Vlasta Eriksson


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  1. Karalyn Brown

    Interesting post Vlasta. I think this kind of research can benefit people in interview, particularly when people get asked “why do you want this job?” If you have done some deeper research on yourself, your strengths, motivations, preferred way of working and being managed, and show that in your answer, that becomes a really impressive answer.

    • vlasta

      Thank you Karalyn for your comments, I could not agree more. When a job-seeker knows what career path they pursuing and what is their ultimate future goals will definably benefit them at the interview and most probably be successful for the position, purely because they have the certainly of wanting that job and have aligned their values. Another benefit would be they also show respect to the interviewer by not wasting the interviewer time by being engaged and committed at the interview.

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