How to be Happy in a Job that You Don’t Like

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Seeking employment is a process that can be long and drawn out with no results or a positive experience that means obtaining a position that allows you to make ends meet. However, there may come a time in your career where you’ve found yourself in a rut. Being unhappy in a job is one of the worst scenarios to be in but believe it or not, there are ways to correct this situation.

Identify the Problem(s)
Have you asked yourself why you are unhappy at your job? Knowing the answer to this question can shed light on what the problem is as well as how to fix it. Are you having issues with the hours you’re being asked to work? Do you find yourself constantly having to take on other people’s workloads? Do you feel that your position is limited with no room for growth? Are you having trouble getting along with a certain coworker or even your boss?
The reasons for being unhappy are endless. Once you have identified what the root cause is, seek a way to positively correct it. For example, if you’re tired of taking on other projects that you aren’t responsible for, speak to your boss or supervisor and explain that you’ll be more than happy to help other departments out but only if you are caught up on your workload. Explain that you want to make sure your quality of work is up to par and that this can only be achieved if you are not tasked with doing other people’s projects.

Make Friends
It’s easy to exchange pleasantries with people at the office but have you actually taken the time to get to know your coworkers? Chances are there are at least one or two people that you have a natural vibe with. Whether they are from human resources or accounting, reach out and offer to go to lunch or get together for dinner after a long day at work. Having at least one person to talk about outside interests with can make a bad job more pleasant.

Move On Up
Are you unhappy with your current position? Then why not look into getting a promotion or even transferring to another department that you have an interest in? If your job is looking for staff to fill certain positions, use your current status to your advantage. Or you can ask your boss if there are any areas in the business that have a need for recruitment. This is not only a chance to do something different, it also shows your initiative. Make sure to apply for any staff hire opportunities that match your skill set accordingly.
In the worst case scenario, turning to assistance from employment agencies could give you the opportunity to really find a company that appreciates your skills and gives you a chance to grow. With the right recruitment agency, you can wake up each morning happy to head to work.

Author: Vlasta Eriksson from Recruitment Cairns Agency Signature Staff

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