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Here are a few free employer HR resources that will assist you with managing your employees. Explore these free downloadable HR resources to see which ones will best suit your needs for managing your employees and business.
If you are a manager or business owner, then you probably have a lot of work on your plate.

If you find yourself in need of a form, template or even a complete toolkit, then be sure to check out the following free HR resources.

For more templates, forms and toolkits please visit also our online library.

Free HR Resources

4 Step Recruitment Hack

Learn how to hire the right people, who will stay longer and are more productive! The 4-Step Recruitment Hack will optimise your hiring process and find top talent for your team with ease.

Resume 5 Step Fact Checker

Streamline your candidate screening process with our Resume 5 Step Fact Checker. This checklist will quickly identify errors and inaccuracies, saving you time and ensuring you find the best candidates.

Recruitment Process Checklist

The Recruitment Process Checklist is designed to streamline the recruitment process, producing a consistent, efficient, and detailed process from start to finish, every time.

How to write a killer job ad

Dull adverts that sound like a cut-and-paste from a position description will simply not engage top-talent, and last minute, hastily prepared adverts will rarely hit the mark.

150+ Interview Questions

Make confident hiring decisions with 150+ behavioural interview questions. This document offers a wide range of questions to help find the best fit for your team.

Job Description Template

A job description is like a GPS that gives directions in a safe and accurate way, guiding you to the correct destination without wasting valuable time. A well written job description will help you reach your goal in hiring the best suitable candidate to your vacancy.