Signs to Identifying Workplace Harassment

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Maintaining a positive and functioning workplace is crucial to the survival of any business, regardless of its size or industry of expertise. It is important for individuals in managerial and supervisor positions to learn how to identify the various signs of workplace harassment.

It’s Not Just Sexual Harassment

One of the biggest misconceptions people have when it comes to workplace harassment is that it only involves those of a sexual nature. This couldn’t be further from the truth. There is verbal and physical harassment to also take into account, each with its own set of signs to be on the lookout for. Because witnessing such occurrences in real time is often hard to do, look into distributing anonymous opinion surveys to your employees and make it mandatory so that no one is left out or tries to avoid filling the survey out. Thoroughly go over each and note instances where a person states that he/she is made uncomfortable because of what another person has said or done to them. Also be on the lookout for surveys that state the frequency of such events. Is it daily, weekly, occasionally? If you feel your company is dealing with workplace harassment based on the results, take action�this includes replacing the problem individual through HR Services.

Change in Mood & Performance

Have you noticed a change in a new staff recruitment? Maybe he/she started off enthusiastic and very motivated to do well but has recently showed signs of the opposite. An abrupt change in workplace behavior and overall performance is one of the most recognizable signs that the employee in question may be suffering from harassment on the job. Common signs that showcase a negative change in behavior include being isolated or withdrawn, not participating in group meetings, choosing to eat lunch alone instead of joining others and exhibiting mood swings, which can range from depression to a lack of interest in their workload.

Check with HR

Managers and supervisors that are concerned about workplace harassment happening on their watch should contact their human resources department in order to find out what the numbers are when it comes to the company’s turnover. If there is a high percentage of employment turnovers related to suspected issues of harassment, you’ll have to do what it takes to correct this problem.

Being able to identify these signs will give higher ups the chance to find an ideal solution that will improve their workplace for the better and allow their staff to feel comfortable when interacting with others.

When such incidents cannot be resolved, there is always the option of utilizing employment agencies Cairns, which specialize in looking for staff to fill open positions within a company. Whether you have worked with a recruitment agency before or if it’s your first time, receiving assistance through this method is convenient for businesses of all sizes in all industries.

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