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Temporary & Contract Staffing Solutions

Our temporary and contract staffing solutions provide you with access to qualified and skilled personnel outside your network. Learn about our labour hire and contract staffing services that keep your operation running smoothly and stress-free.

Whether your business is experiencing peaks due to seasonal demand, project work or temporary gaps created by leave or other situations, we can help.

Because you get caught short with staff sometimes…

How does Temporary and Contract Staffing Solutions work?

When you need a position filled, for a short period of time, we’ll provide you with the personnel you need to keep your business running. We start by matching your specific requirements with our large talent pool to find the right candidates and skills to get the job done.

Once you have approved the selected candidate, this person is then on-boarded in your operation and becomes part of your payroll for the length of the contract. We invoice a service fee depending on the length of the contract and the weekly structure of hours.

We have options readily available for a variety of sectors and we are happy to share how we can help you to attract, recruit and retain the best staff for your organisation.

At Signature Staff, you don’t have to leave messages with a third-party operator or talk to an answering machine. You will always talk directly to an experienced manager, no matter what time of day you call.

Simply enter the basic details using our online form and we’ll be in touch within 2 hours to work out the rest.

Here some of the roles / industries we cover Accounting and Administration

Why you will LOVE our Temporary & Contract Staffing Solutions


Choose what you want, when you need it.

Save Time

We can deliver short-term staff quickly.

Save Stress

Our experienced consultants will find the right fit for you.

Quick Start

Get started by answering a few questions – Fast reply – Obligation free.

Easy as 1, 2, 3, 4

We have been placing candidates since our inception in 1998, with well over 20,000 candidates employed in almost every industry.



Understand who we are recruiting for.



Tap to our database of 80k candidates and networks.



Process, interview and reference check.


Set for Success

Assist with employment and onboarding.

Do you provide labour hire in Townsville and North Queensland?

Signature Staff has offices in Townsville and Cairns, however, we have provided labour hire services across North Queensland and regional Queensland since 1998.

To find out more about our services in Townsville click here.

How long will it take to find someone?

We can place a skilled candidate into your business in a matter of hours. Although it really depends on the type of role and skills required.

We have a large database of registered temps who are able to fill any last-minute absences or peaks in demand. Equally, if you are seeking to fill a role on a short-term contract, naturally the process of search and selection will take a little longer.

What’s the difference between recruitment and labour hire?

When you use a labour hire agency, such as Signature Staff, they directly employ the workers. Our clients then utilise these workers to perform specific duties or roles. Signature Staff is responsible for payment and other employee entitlements.

Traditional recruitment services are different because the client hires the chosen candidate after the search and selection process. The candidate will become part of the business’s payroll.