Recruitment Agency Services in Cairns and Townsville

We have learned from 25 years of recruitment experience that businesses prefer not to handle the recruitment process themselves. However, they also do not want to pay high agency fees

Our recruitment options save you money, time, and stress

Recruit Search

Full 360° traditional recruitment services

Recruit Intel

Affordable flat-fee shortlisting service for small and medium businesses

Recruit Assist

Quality support for any recruitment task.
Fast and confidential!

We are a full-service recruitment agency

Our recruitment team offers a customised approach to help your business find the right candidate. Our employment services include:

Profile Matching
via our job-seeker database, packed to the brim with star candidates.

for optimum visibility across major job boards.

Job Ad Copywriting
that positions you as an employer of choice.

Video Marketing
to bring your staff recruitment campaign to life.

Social Media Search Campaign
across all online professional recruitment networks.

Screening + Shortlisting
to save you from processing, ranking and shortlisting countless applicants.

for critical insights into employee experience, personal traits and suitability.

Professional Recommendations
on the applicants who’ll propel your business forward.

Reference Checks
to give you a complete picture of your next important hire.

Because what business owner loves advising unsuccessful applicants?

Reference Checks
to give you a complete picture of your next important hire.

Our Guarantee

If your next candidate isn’t retained past the guarantee period, we’ll find you a new candidate or issue you full credit.

Our Recruitment Services Packages

We take the heavy weight off your shoulders


Identify the right criteria to attract the right candidate.


Optimum visibility on major job boards and social media platforms.

Job Ad Copywriting

The right job ad attracts the best candidates.

Video Marketing

Bringing your recruitment campaign and company to life.


Tap into the right talent pool by knowing where your perfect candidates are.

Extensive Searches

Via our 80,000 candidate-deep database and our diverse networks.

Screen + Shortlist

Take the pain away from sifting through hundreds of irrelevant applications.


Our combination of expertise and modern technology gives you the advantage.

Reference Checks

We ensure you have a complete picture of who you’ll employ.

Professional Communications

Your brand is always professionally represented when we communicate with candidates.

Set for Success

Assistance with contract negotiation and onboarding practices.


We guarantee our services and will replace with no extra charge.

Why you will LOVE Recruit Search

Hire the Best

Advertising and recruitment strategies that get results.

Extensive Database

Tap into our networks to target candidates not currently looking.

Ease of Mind

We guarantee our service and will replace at no extra charge to your business.

Stress-free Recruitment

We help you do better business with outstanding talent.

No complicated software, no hassle, just a professional recruitment service at an affordable price.

Exact and fast processing

Recruit Intel

Recruit Intel is the perfect solution for cost-conscious and time-poor employers, saving up to 80% of your recruitment time.

Our services, such as Recruit Intel ‘Essentials’ and Recruit Intel ‘+plus’, are great for most positions, including entry-level staff.

Simply provide us with the basic details of your vacancy and we’ll get in touch within 2 hours to confirm the details.

Recruit Intel helps you recruit professionally and find the right person for the job with a simple step-by-step process.

What will I get with Recruit Intel?

Professional Ad Writing

Skilfully written, compelling job ads that attract the right audience.


Your ad will be posted on all major job boards and social media coverage.

Database Search

We will search our extensive database for suitable candidates.

Screening + Shortlisting

Process, score and shortlist applicants based on your key criteria.


Preliminary interviews to verify candidates’ experience and personal traits.


Easy to Read Summary

We send you a summary highlighting top applicants in a clear format, ready for you to action.


Once you have made your decision, we’ll notify all the unsuccessful applicants on your behalf.

Why you will LOVE Recruit Intel

Save time

Save 80% of your recruitment time – Give us the basic info and we’ll handle the rest.

Quick Start

Simply fill in the form and an experienced consultant will contact you within 2 hours.

Save Money

Low cost – High value.
Your outlay is only $1,995 plus GST

Hire as many as you want

Bonus! You can hire as many as you like from the campaign – Without any extra costs


Because sometimes you just need a bit of help…

Recruit Assist

Feeling overwhelmed by the number of job applications received? Need assistance with shortlisting or employee reference checking? Reduce the pressure off your team and outsource some of the stressful and time-consuming tasks associated with recruitment. You’ll be glad to know that we have a range of experts on hand, ready to make the recruitment process much faster and stress-free for you.

Simply tell us what services you need and we take care of the rest

Job Ads

We assist you in writing job adverts to ensure you get the right candidates interested.


We process your applications and shortlist the best-suited candidates


Video recorded interviews with carefully designed questions to ensure the job criteria are addressed

Skill Testing

Finding the right skill testing tools to suit your job requirements

Reference Checking

Ensuring you have a complete overview of who you are going to employ

Psychometric Assessments

We assist you in identifying the right tests to ensure you select the right employee

Behavioural Profiling (DiSC®)

DiSC® is a tool that looks at how people behave and groups them into personality styles. These are: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness.

Workforce Planning

We help to build a sound framework and identify the tools you need to ensure you have the ideal workforce structure

Why you will LOVE Recruit Assist


Choose what you want, when you need it

Save Time

Outsource time-consuming tasks whilst maintaining full control over your project

Save Stress

Our experienced consultants will complete any task with ease, leaving you to focus on your core activity

Quick Start

Get started by answering a few questions – Fast reply – Obligation free

Need assistance with the recruitment process?