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Running a business is no easy task. There are a number of issues ranging from financial concerns to effective human resources performance management. Employees can be unmotivated which adds to the problem. Broadly speaking, employee surveys are conducted in an organization to measure job satisfaction among existing employees. Many firms these days focus on carrying out these surveys annually or bi annually. Employee surveys have proved to be useful in knowing whether the employee is satisfied with the job and it also helps to know the level of commitment of the employee with the company. Employee surveys are a good option for those individuals who do not publicly voice their opinions. Feedback on various issues helps address the problems.

There are different ways of conducting an employee survey. Conventional forms can be used to collect feedback. Computer based surveys are also getting popular. Survey questions need to be kept short and should be easy to understand. Employers should avoid asking tricky questions. Employees should be assured that the survey results will be kept confidential. An employee fills in the name and department on the form and continues to answer the questions. Employers are able to figure out the troubled employees.

Measures should be taken to make the survey as transparent as possible. Employees should not be forced to give a selected answer. Management can encourage employees to take part in the survey and assure them that issues pointed out by them will be solved. Survey should be made flexible. It can be made available throughout the working hours. Computer based surveys allow the employees to take part after office hours. This increases the number of employees participating in the survey.

An employee survey can feature questions related to the pay scale, annual leaves, promotions, bonuses and job security. Employees can be asked to give suggestions about performance boosters and rewards they want from the employers. Surveys may ask employees to suggest ways to improve the company’s performance. Results of the survey help employers set up long term and short term goals. Participation of a large number of employees gives new ideas to the company to work with. Management can get a clear view of how the employees feel.

Survey results affect the policy making of the company. A large number of unsatisfied employees is an alarming situation. Some employees may not speak about the issues with the concerned authority. They feel shy or embarrassed to talk to the managers. Problems if left unsolved may lead to continuous poor performance. By identifying the problems through surveys, a positive change can be brought about. Changes made according to the employees’ wishes motivate them to stay longer in the company and contribute to its success.

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