How to write a killer job advert

by | Mar 22, 2018 | Cairns, Employers Tips

Just like product advertising, you must seek to understand precisely what your target audience wants and make sure to broadcast how your position will achieve that for them.

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Top 3 mistakes employers make when writing advertisements…

Big Mistake 1.
Boring content:

Ads with a boring, sometimes even condescending tone, written like a job description, will not attract top talent.


Big Mistake 2.
No Benefits:

In the rush of creating a long list of ‘must haves’, employers often forget that job seekers are looking for ‘What’s in it for me?’


Big Mistake 3.
Failing to describe your workplace:

People seek a workplace they will enjoy and in which they will thrive.  A couple of sterile sentences, copied from the corporate profile, is guaranteed to leave them cold.


Here is the formula to write a Killer Ad!

Tip 1.

Create a job title for which people will search.  Use the most generic title for the position, not your internal interpretation.  For example, state “Receptionist”, not “Guest Service Agent”.

Tip 2.

List the salary and benefits – Top performers know their worth and lack of transparency with salary and benefits will significantly reduce the number of applications from the people you really want to reach.

Tip 3.

Tell them about your company – Your business is unique and so is your ideal candidate. Describe how it ‘feels’ working for your company and in your team.  Paint a picture of a welcoming and inclusive working environment!


Tip 4.

Tell them about the job – Not just a boring, dull list of duties.  ‘Sell’ the position with the same amount of enthusiasm you would in your product sales adverts.


Tip 5. 

List ‘Essential Skills’ – A list of essential criteria for success is a great filter tactic and should stipulate what skills and experience someone must have to be considered.  However, don’t go overboard with the length of this or you might as well write “superheroes only please”


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