Working from home

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During the days of the COVID-19 pandemic we have seen businesses have to adapt in order to keep functioning. To keep their business running, some employers have enabled their employees to work from home. As an employer, should you enable your employees to work from home, there are a number of steps that will need to be considered to ensure that your employees work effectively:

Working from home
  1. As an employer you should consider implementing working from home policies and procedures that ensure:
    • Employees know what is expected of them while they are working from home (including expectations, KPI’s etc);
    • Employees understand health and safety risks and procedures;
    • There is a stipulated amount of child-free time for employees to perform their work;
  2.  Determine what equipment is required by your employees so that they can work from home. This includes IT equipment, communication equipment, furniture and any other tools required to fulfil their role effectively. It should also be clarified who will meet the costs for any required equipment that the employee does not possess at home.
  3. Employers should ensure that an employee is also engaged with their workplace through virtual meetings, regular emails and telephone calls. This also can assist in maintaining morale during difficult times and isolation.
  4. Ensure the employee has a safe working environment that does not pose risks to their health and safety. This could mean making sure that the employee has a dedicated space to work with ergonomic furniture.

If this article has raised any concerns for you or your organisation please do not hesitate to contact either John Hayward or Kate Smith on (07) 4046 1124, for advice specific to your circumstances. 

This article has been prepared with the assistance of Ruby Hedrick, law graduate. 

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