Workforce planning for a post-COVID 19 environment

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workforce planning post covid-19

YES! It’s is time to think about what work looks like once restrictions are withdrawn. It is time to plan for when things start turning back to ‘normal’.

From an employment perspective, there are some important issues employers must start to consider. Your ability as an employer to respond effectively to the post-COVID-19 environment will be critical to your business success.

In this article, I’ll identify some of the key issues for managing risks as a part of a post-COVID-19 workplace plan.

Myth: Workforce planning is something only government departments and big corporations do.

Workforce planning strategy

As you reflect of the impact of COVID-19 on your organisation, there will be some significant changes required in regards to the size and make-up of the workforce, the way & where work is performed and what work is done.

Some of these questions are likely to include:

  1. How will the business respond to the current market?
  2. What does the business look like in 12 months / 24 months?
  3. What changes does the business need to make?
  4. Is the business ready and able to participate in a virtual workplace?

As businesses start to respond to the havoc COVID-19 brought, you should consider as to whether employment arrangements, including contracts, respond in a way that support your needs at this time.

Urgent issues that employers should be considering NOW:

workforce planning post covid-19
  1. JobKeeper payments and award variations are set to end as of 1st Sep 2020
  2. How will you manage your workforce moving forward – to have a workforce, flexible to restructure, work shortage, and need for greater efficiencies?
  3. Audit your payroll and deal with issues of underpayments and award non-compliance
  4. Be aware of the increased legal risk around employees taking adverse action
  5. Be aware of your decisions about employees requesting flexibility due to COVID-19 and the reasons that underpin these decisions, as they may result in potential discrimination and adverse action claims, as well as possible breaches of the Fair Work Act, awards and enterprise agreements.

TIP: We are working with many businesses planning for the new ‘normal’. Please let us know how we can help you manage your risks as your business returns to normal.

If you are unsure about how this information applies to your specific situation we recommend you contact Signature Staff for advice.

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