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Word of mouth is a powerful tool for promoting or demoting a business. An organisation’s integrity and ethical practices are a significant factor in maintaining a good reputation and HR ethical practices are the most significant.  The success and reputation of a business are closely related to how its human resources are managed.

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If you recruit new employees, be careful when placing an advertisement. Don’t mislead potential applicants in an effort to catch their attention. Your honesty will benefit the organization through gaining the right applicants for the job. Otherwise, they will quit their jobs quickly. A high employee turnover rate only adds to your costs and reputation woes.

Employing Competitors’ employees

For Recruitment Agency, employing competitors’ employees is still considered an ethical dilemma. This is because the newly employed candidate could disclose confidential information from their previous employer. If they disclose your competitors’ personal details to you, then they may well disclose your company’s information to another competitor as well.

However, many companies hire their competitor’s employees. These businesses benefit from this practice too. It entirely depends on whether you want to practice it or not.


Many organisations make decisions on the basis of discrimination. Discrimination is the practice of treating human resources unfairly. This unfair practice is based on the diversification of personnel in terms of race, color, gender, age, or religion. Although all these characteristics are uncontrollable, some companies make biased decisions when hiring new recruits.

Discrimination in the workplace will have negative effects on employee performance as employees experiencing discriminatory issues can’t or don’t feel like giving their best. This is one reason why companies that run their businesses as Equal Opportunity Employers (EOE) tend to be higher achievers.

Performance Appraisals

Providing staff with regular performance appraisals is crucial to the employee/employer relationship and the professional development of each employee, as any Recruitment Agency personnel knows. When a company conducts performance appraisals, consistency is key. If the head of a department is to evaluate his/her employee, appraising for the same key performance indicators each time provides an accurate picture of the employee’s progress. Such strategic appraisals are probably even more important than evaluating a prospective employee.

Consistency allows you check everyone’s performance behavior and treat them equally. Recording one employee’s tardiness while neglecting to acknowledge another’s punctuality would be acting unethically.



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