Work and Life Balance

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Work and life balance is one of the most popular expressions used today. The basic concept involves balancing your career and personal life. The task is not simple as it sounds.

Striking the perfect balance may differ among individuals. A young person may have a different approach than a parent with young children. It is important to understand the special needs of family members before making any decisions.

Over the past decade there has been a substantial increase in the workload. Competition in the job market has increased considerably. Every person focuses on spending more time at the workplace to earn more rewards or manage ever increasing loads of work. It is likely that work affects your personal life. Homes were believed to be places to relax after a tiring day at work but the condition is changing now. Homes are changing to more of a workplace.

When you spend lots of time working and find less and less time for your family, you miss out on special occasions and quality time with them. It is also difficult to spend time and hang out with your friends. The excessive workload has caused a rise in a number of health issues such as fatique affecting working individuals every day.

Working long hours makes you tired and exhausted. You may not be able to work efficiently. This can affect your performance. Leading into mental stress.

An excessive workload takes a toll on mental health as well. Mistakes are more likely to happen. A fresh, clear mind works faster and accurate. There are increased incidences of depression in individuals who fail to maintain a balance between career and family. People find it difficult to cope with the pressures of the job demands. This results in depression. Even after trying hard they are unable to achieve the required employment benefits. Stress begins to show on family ties.Work and Life Balance

Long working hours with no rest is a major reason of head aches, muscle cramps and even reduced immunity. Leaving aside the health issues, there are a number of social issues also involved. Children are made to spend more time at daycares, after and prior school hour care or stay alone at home with caretakers. This creates a communication gap between the parents and children. Emotional attachment to a parent cannot be substituted by anyone. This creates added pressure on the parents making them feel that they are not delivering the care to their children as they always dreamed and imaging to do.

If an employee takes time off work to look after kids and can’t fully committed to the job, this also increases the stress level in that employee, feeling they are not committing to the workplace.

Increasing health and social issues have urged employers to define the right balance. This ensures their employees are satisfied and like to continue working in the company for longer period, as well as making them feel they are part of the big picture.

A few simple steps can be followed to find the right work-life balance

  • Time management is very important. Learn to manage your work in the allotted time. You can then connect with your family as well as ease the work pressure.
  • Create a boundary between home and work. Leave your work at the workplace and do not allow it to enter your home.
  • Ask for help from your colleagues when overloaded, there is nothing wrong with putting your hands up.
  • Remember, work-life balance is a continuing process and it can be achieved.

Author: Vlasta Eriksson

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