What’s Your Hourly Rate?

by | Nov 26, 2020 | Blog

What’s your hourly rate? This is such a loaded question, isn’t it?

An hourly rate actually penalises you for being efficient. The quicker you do the job, the less you get paid, take too long and your clients feel like you are ripping them off.

If you charge by the hour, that’s ok, you don’t need to flick a switch overnight and change the way you do business but it’s definitely worth planning on transitioning.

Think of it like a mixer tap, over a period of time you are going to move the lever over so that more and more of your jobs are charged for based on the outcomes you deliver.

As you become more efficient, have new and improved systems, you make more profit, you can afford to attract the right kind of people to work for you, which means you make even more money and so the cycle starts to flow.

A great starting point is charging people for call outs. We have used a really simple script which makes doing this easy.

If you would like more details reply to this email and I can send you through some info.

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  1. MARIE

    Whats the hourly rate for a house keeper,working Saturday, Sundays and public holidays?



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