Using Subjective Criticism to Your Advantage

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Are you really interested in being successful in whatever you do? Is it difficult for you to accept criticism? There will be times when many people will criticize you for your own benefit. Similarly, some people will also criticize to discourage or humiliate you.

Criticism comes in many different ways; it can be subjective, harsh, polite or humiliating. The final outcome to any criticism reflects your ability to distinguish between the useful and hurtful criticism and how you accept subjective criticism.

Subjective criticism refers to reasons that have their origin in their subject rather than in their object. Usually there are people who merely have opinions to express, whereas on the other hand there are experts. These experts are not experts only because they have absorbed a lot of external data, but because they have the intellectual capacity to transform the external data into useful information. This process of transformation takes place through logical interpretations and subjective reasoning of opinions.

Subjective criticism can be wisely conceived as constructive because it is experienced, reflective and systematic. If you have been ever subjected to such criticism, you should learn to use it with the same intention. It will immensely help you advance your career and self esteem.

Always take notes when you are given subjective criticism. Listen and absorb it whether it relates to the quality of work or your interaction skills with co-workers. More often you will feel difficult to take on criticism probably because you might take it as too harsh or disrespectful. Here you ought to evaluate the circumstances that led to such a level of criticism on your behalf because you could be the sole reason for it. If you don’t find a suitable reason for being criticized; then never let it drain or shake you. Use your positive points and disregard the undue ones.

You should look upon subjective criticism as your new personal agenda at work cairns. Take all the criticism very humbly and work upon it very closely. Evaluate the best criticism and assess it against the quality of your work and other areas. You will have to understand the fact that subjective criticism is a great opportunity for you to evaluate and improve yourself from an expert’s point of view and use it wisely.

For some people it is source of joy to continuously criticize and evaluate everyone. Have a sense of humor and laugh it off because it might give you a whole new perspective about you. Remember, if not for a good reason, you will be criticized anyways.

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