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Economic times are tough and getting even tougher as time passes by. This clearly indicates that securing a job is no more an easy task. Recruitment Cairns Agency Signature Staff is trying to give you some more information now. Today, with the power of technology, methods and procedures have changed. Every workplace is technically sound and knows the power of media.

Gone are the days when a hand delivered resume did it all. Today, it sounds pretty vague even hearing about it. Although the email facility has contributed much to the ease of prospective job seekers, but the media improvements have brought in many different sources of powerful communication and networking. This is not about any advanced email function; it’s about the social media hype that has literally taken over human lives by storm.Signature Staff

Social media has transformed the traditional communication role. Today when you are struggling hard to get a job, social media has the power to deliver it to you. It is very common now to use social media to land that interview. Some very popular social networks include Twitter and LinkedIn.


Networking experts are very keen on joining Twitter, because though it’s a micro blogging site, it helps building great networks with a diverse range of activities. Here you are not required to provide an update on specific questions such as “What are you doing?” You can post links to articles, web pages, photos and promotional information. On Twitter, it is the power of your words that gets you in the popular circles. Image branding is best achieved on Twitter after LinkedIn that is another professional network.


LinkedIn is a very committed and professional networking website where you can connect to your co-workers, classmates, professional acquaintances and other people. Firstly, you should complete your profile and add all your classmates and current and ex co-workers. This will give a great start to network building. Now you will be able to get recommendations from former and current co-workers and bosses to enhance your network and chances of meeting new people from different organizations and roles.


If you are tech savvy enough to use social media to land that interview, you must also invest some time blogging. Maintaining a blog is a very rewarding experience and can be fun too if you love to write. Consider joining communities such as and MyBlogLog to assist you in learning and promoting your blog.

All these tools are a great way to use social media to land that interview. If you are tech savvy, then it is not a difficult task for you accomplish.

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