Turning non performers to top performers

by | Jun 30, 2011 | Employers Tips

“My people do not perform to the best of their potential” is the one of the concerns for most employers. Most employees know they need to work hard and perform well to get good evaluations but what is the reason they don’t do so? Employers need to think about the reasons which reduce the work performance and fix them. Here are some suggestions which can turn your non performers to top performers.

  • First of all reason behind poor performance needs to be identified. You can try discussing it with an employee in a meeting. It may be a personal issue or the employee is finding difficult to work in the present environment. Without identifying the reason it is impossible to provide a solution.
  • Do not get personal when discussing performance issues of employees in meetings. A particular employee may feel insulted. You can figure out the issue like punctuality, team work or completion of assignments and discuss them with reference to all the employees’ not just one. Problems of a particular employee can be discussed in a separate closed meeting.
  • You can ask the employees to suggest solutions. Employees feel important when they are asked to give a solution.
  • It is important to motivate the employees to help them improve their performance. Giving incentives such as cash rewards, promotions or an achievement souvenir will motivate the employees and improve their work performance.
  • You need to understand that problems are not always from the employees’ side. Reality check is required. Some times excessive workloads or the lack of appreciation by higher authorities make employees think they have no value in the company. They don’t feel to work hard in a place which does not value them.
  • Take time out of your busy schedule to connect with the employees’. Show them you are concerned. You can talk about their favorite past time, movies or even a soccer game.
  • A lazy boss can never have efficient employees’. You need to set the example. When you work hard, employees’ would follow you and do the same.
  • Value your employee’s contribution to company’s success. You can give them the credit of increase in sale or earning huge profits. This will make an employee more attached to the company. He will make sure that all efforts are put in to achieve bigger targets.
  • Keep a friendly tone when talking to the employees’. Harsh attitudes are not well received.

You can plan special training sessions if discussions do not help performance management. Specific problems can be targeted and the employees’ would be given training in areas which they lack. No one feels good when repeatedly criticized. You can try different ways to let the employee know their weak points. With equal efforts from both the sides non performers can turn into top performers.

Author: Vlasta Eriksson

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