Top Ten Mistakes to Avoid when Managing Staff

by | Aug 3, 2011 | Employers Tips

Good management of the staff is directly proportional to the progress of an organization. The workforce needs to be managed effectively to produce quality results. While many managers try very hard to manage their team, sometimes silly mistakes are committed at various levels.

1. Lack of communication is the most common mistake. Managers need to communicate well with their team members. When directions are not clear, the team finds it difficult to work on a particular project. All details need to be discussed openly and clearly. Any doubts should be cleared on the spot. Failure of effective communication results in undesired outcomes of the task.

2. Managers mostly make people listen to them but seldom want to hear from them. Lack of hearing makes employees feel insecure. You need to understand your employee’s problem and assure your full support. Try to help out your employee in the best possible way you can. This will create an emotional bond between you two. Employees tend to work more willingly for managers who care for them.

3. A manager is always right is not quite right today. Your way of doing things may work for one task but be useless for another. You can ask for suggestions from other employees. This will not be a disgrace to your position but will help you get better results.

4. Ignoring employee contribution and achievement. Managers who constantly try to find faults in their employee’s performance and do not appreciate contributions to the company’s success often end up losing a majority of their workers.

5. Favoritism. All team members should be treated equally. Once a manager starts favoring a particular employee he gets less poplar among others.

6. Not accepting mistakes. Humans are prone to making errors. A common mistake made by managers is that they do not bear the responsibility of mistakes which happen under their guidance. They prefer to blame other employees and these employees prefer to move to other organizations. The company eventually loses its skilled staff.

7. Insulting and disrespectful attitude shown towards the staff is also a common mistake. It is essential to maintain strict discipline at the workplace but it should not be done at the expense of employees leaving the organization.

8. Making too many changes in minimum time also causes a great deal of problems for the staff. Changing work strategies, working in groups, and performance evaluation methods rapidly create confusion. Give sufficient time to employees to adjust to the changes made. Changes can be made gradually.

9. Excessive use of technology. Emails and feedback forms are a good way to stay connected with the staff but some things should be left free from technology. Verbal communication is better in solving problems.

10. Be flexible to adopt changes suggested by the staff. Many managers get rigid which is not a right way to manage the staff.

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