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During your job search, you might want to connect to a recruiter or you could have a recruiter contact you saying they have the perfect position for you. If you have never worked with a recruiter before, or even if you have, there are some questions you should ask the recruiter before going any further in the recruiting process with them.

1. What are the main qualifications the employer is looking for?Signature Staff - Career Help

Just like if you were applying for the job on your own, you need to learn what the employer is looking for in the applicant and this helps you, as the applicant, determine if you fit the qualifications and if the recruiter is right that you are a strong applicant. Ask what the recruiter thinks is your strongest selling point for this particular job and why they thought you were a good fit. This begins the conversation and helps you learn what the recruiter knows about the position, and also gives you additional information to use during your interview.

2. What’s the job description?

Before getting excited because the recruiter thinks you are perfect for the job, you need to decide for yourself if this is something you want to do. By reviewing the job description you learn what the employer expects the applicant to do and you need to decide if this is a lateral career move or would be the promotion you are looking for.

3. Are you working with this employer exclusively?

If the employer is only working with one recruiting firm, you have a better chance of having your resume reviewed by the hiring manager and the reviewer listening more to the recruiter. If the position is open to multiple recruiters, it makes it harder to get to the top of the pile. If your recruiter is one of multiple recruiters, it doesn’t make it impossible to get to the top of the pile, just harder so make sure your recruiter believes in you and is doing everything they can get you noticed.

4. How long has the job been open?

This gives you an understanding of how long the employer has been looking for the right candidate. If the job has been open for a long time then you might want to ask your recruiter to find out why. Perhaps the company is looking for a very specific candidate or the company isn’t somewhere you want to wok for.

5. What is the reason for the open position?

It is nice to learn why the position is now open, and it also helps you learn more about the company. If it is open because the last person was promoted, it shows you there is growth and advancement in the company, and if the job is constantly open because of turnover then there might be a culture issue within the company.

6. What is the interview process?

The recruiter should know how the employer operates and what type of interview process they will have. This why you already have the information and will be prepared for the number of interviews you will go through, you also alleviate the stress of wondering when you will hear back.

7. What is the compensation package?

Lastly, everyone wants to know how much money is the position and it is important to ask your recruiter as well. Your recruiter should know the starting range and the overall package, such as bonuses or additional perks the company offers.

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