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The Cairns Aquarium, a $50 million project that is set to become Cairns largest and newest attraction is scheduled to open by July 2016. Chief Executive Officer Daniel Leipnik, co-director Andrew Preston and their team of architects, engineers and specialist consultants have been working hard over the last two and a half years, but now they are finally ready to take the next step. Remarkably, they have announced that they will turn soil in less than 4 months from now. Daniel expresses his excitement when talking to us on Signature Staff – Building Better Business Segment.af2ef6a0e2c9c528b09655df79f3b312_XL

The Cairns Aquarium is being built on the corners of Lake, Florence and Abbott Street in Cairns, Queensland and will be a 15 metre high, on 3 levels, 9,000 square-metres World-Class modern and iconic building providing a family attraction. Once completed it will have more than 3 million litres of salt, fresh and brackish water displays and showcase the incredible species and habitats found exclusively in Queensland’s Far North. Visitors will be able to see many of the creatures that cannot be found anywhere else in the world or are rarely seen due to their nocturnal habits. Several rare, endangered, unusual, and even deadly specimens will be on display.

We have taken this conversation to the public and received an overwhelming response with 75% of respondents in support for this project to ahead.

Signature Staff Aquarium Project Survey

Over 80% respondents have indicated that the Cairns Aquarium will have a positive impact on tourism and local business.

Signature Staff Aquarium Project survey


Even though the comments were mainly positive there were some concerns with regards to parking and diverting business from the other local attractions already established in Cairns. Some people did voice their opinion as to why should we have it since we do have the “real deal” in our backyard.

Some of the supporting comments were:

“Unfortunately we don’t live in Cairns anymore. However, the 9 years we did that sort of a project crossed my mind many times as Cairns is the epitome of the Great Barrier Reef. What a wonderful concept and absolutely hope it goes ahead.”

“When tourists visit our region for only a few days, the weather isn’t always ideal for viewing the Great Barrier Reef. Having an aquarium here would compensate for not accessing the “real thing” and provide positive environmental education opportunities.”

Congrats to Billy Gartner from Professional who won the competition draw. He gets to spend $200 voucher in our online shop.

Thank you for all the people participating in our Aquarium survey.

The current discussion has now turned to the $7B Aquis project. Currently 83% are supportive of the project! How about you – Are you for or against? Don’t miss the opportunity to have your say by completing a 20 second survey click here

You can also tune in and listen to Deb Hancock – CEO Cairns Chamber of Commerce and Carol Chalmers – Tyre Power discussing the impact of this project. Recorded live from 4CA live click here to listen

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