The Benefits of Partnership with Recruitment Agency

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Cut Down on Recruiting Expenses

The task of sifting through hundreds of resumes and performing numerous interviews can take a huge amount of HR’s time and effort. One of the major benefits to working with a recruitment agency for your staffing needs is the convenience of allowing them to carry out these time tasks for you. They will go through the process of finding qualified professionals for your company, interview candidates, pre-screen, conduct skill assessments and background checks. This helps free up of the time of human resources employees and managers focus on other vital tasks for the company. Recruitment agencies have guarantees in place, meaning if the candidate fall short of the guaranteed period the agency will replacement at not extra cost. Where is recruited in-house the recruitment costs will start all over.

Finding the Right Fit for Your OrganizationSignature Staff Blog

Hiring the wrong individuals can cost your organization a large amount of money.  Recruitment agencies will go through a rigorous screening process for both temporary and permanent candidates, and test candidates for the required job skills allowing you to ensure that you will have the right fit working for you. Agencies that are experienced in the area of recruitment have an eye for spotting qualified and skilled individuals and matching them with the right companies because that is how they get paid. Most of the temporary employees they will provide not only possess the experience and skills you require but also the personality traits and work ethic needed to perform the job well and will add direct value to your organization.

Increase Productivity by Hiring Trained Professionals

Training is another area that can affect a company’s bottom line and is necessary to ensure high productivity and quality work among employees. Your company can cut training costs and improve productivity by utilizing already trained temporary and contract staff. A recruitment agency would already have a list of candidates who are highly skilled and already trained for the position that you need to fill. They often have a database of experienced professionals available for contract or temporary positions, and also those professionals who are not actively looking for new employment but would be interested when the right opportunity arises.

Test Candidates Before Making a Permanent Decision

Staffing is a major expense for both large and small companies, which is why finding qualified individuals is so important. A major benefit of working with a recruitment agency is that you can review a candidate’s skills and abilities within the organisation before making a decision to hire them permanently. Using temporary or contract staff gives organisation the ability to test candidates before making a full commitment. If they perform well and you are satisfied they would make a good fit within your company, you can bring them on as permanent employee, already knowing that you have made a good choice. If you are not satisfied with the quality of work by the temporary employee, you can choose to not hire them again. This gives employers flexibility in hiring and avoids expenses associated with recruiting and training new hires, and also the expense of choosing an applicant who will not work out.

The benefits of using a recruitment agency are visible to organizations as it allows your company to stay focused on business development, customer service and operations. They help you when you have increased work needs or need temporary fills for current employees. Since organisations are always about saving money or cutting costs, hiring a recruitment agency cut downs on a large amount of the recruiting, hiring and training expenses but still ensuring the right applicant is placed into new roles.

On a finale note by engaging a recruitment agency you will tap into their network, their database ultimately targeting candidates available in the market place not just who is seeing the advertised vacancy. For quality recruitment, cost effective and time saving recruitment options give us a call at Signature Staff

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