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by | Apr 30, 2010 | Employers Tips

happy working enviromentA strengthening economy means many of our clients have an increasing workload and new projects, but with fewer admin or specialist support staff. Then you also need to think about leave periods and seasonal peaks etc.

Signature Staff can provide you with staffing flexibility, with high quality, cost-effective Temps and Contractors across all specialist work-types and locations. These may be short-term admin temps, or more specialist contractors. Time-frames and pay rates are very flexible, so please contact us for an obligation-free labour hire quote.

The benefits of temp employees remain consistent for employers in both buoyant and challenging economies:

  • Reduce your salary bill, overheads and employment riskssupport
  • Adjust your business more easily and quickly to workload fluctuations eg. projects, leave periods or your seasonal peaks
  • Maintain staffing flexibility in uncertain economic times
  • Specialised skills for all industries and work-types
  • No permanent commitment while you evaluate the performance and fit of potential employees
  • Transition high-quality temps and contractors to permanent status, with ease and certainty

Did you know we also offer a discounted Pay rolling Only service? This means if YOU source and secure a temp, you can place them on Signature Staff’s payroll – and simply be charged
a modest, hourly flat fee for the service and convenience.

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