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With today’s job search, the need to stand out among the crowd is becoming increasingly vital as it helps you stay competitive with the latest social media techniques. Using resources such as YouTube and QR Codes have given users a creative outlet that’s unique from anything else out there right now, and could help you land your next job.

As a job seeker, it’s already obvious that you have competition so by creating a different type of resume you will be able to position yourself with better chances of landing an interview. Video resumes are a great alternative to paper resumes since you immediately distinguish yourself and are able to orally communicate your skills, experiences and goals. Most video platforms are simple to navigate, and really all you need is a good webcam and microphone.

Signature Staff BlogIf you decide to use platforms like YouTube or videoBIO, think about using the video resume as a way to tell your work experiences. Examples are explaining your background, the skills you are, how you have improved in each job, any work accomplishments, as these are the way an employer can get a real, visual feel of who you are, which is something that just can’t be done through a document.

Sometimes when you have had multiple jobs in different industries, or have switched focus in your career, it is difficult to translate your work experience to someone who doesn’t really know you. Creating a visual slideshow helps an employer see what you’ve actually done as opposed to just reading your resume. Including a link to a slideshow that displays your portfolio pieces, like design work, photography, web skills, is another opportunity for you to showcase your skills and get your interview for the position.

References are extremely important as they allow the potential employer to learn more about you, your work personality and your skills. By asking your references to speak on your behalf through YouTube, you help the employer get a real sense of who you are.

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QR codes are another way to stand out from the crowd and make yourself a stronger candidate. The QR code is able to contain all of your important contact details in one small square image that is scan able by smart phones. Business cards tend to be lost or forgotten about the day after they were handed to you, so adding the QR code to your business card encourages people to scan the code with their phone and instantly you are added to their contact list. This benefits the person who was given the business card, but it also benefits you as now the next time they think of you, your contact information will easily be in their phone and they won’t waste time searching for your card.

Second advantage to having a QR code on your business card is that it is the perfect icebreaker. When someone is handed a business card with the QR code, they will automatically ask “what is that?” Now you have a way to start speaking to that person longer, and have the chance to sell yourself and have them remember you in a positive light.

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