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If you love your computer, apps and internet, then seeking employment within today’s fast-paced world of technology needs more than a two-dimensional paper resume! Tech-savvy job seekers look to YouTube, QR Readers, and Virtual apps to create their CV’s in multi-dimensions. This is the new strategy for seeking a job in industries such as Information Technology and Marketing.

If you really want to be noticed, becoming a tech savvy candidate will boost your job hunting success. Here is a glimpse of how these technological tools

YouTube Video as a CV

An employer can get an exciting insight into your professional profile through viewing your dynamic video CV on YouTube. Employers admit that trawling thorough the written content of applicant’s CV’s is time-consuming and can get monotonous. So an effective video CV is a welcome change and a great opportunity for job seekers to stand out and be noticed.

Dress up professionally and make your appearance worthwhile. Don’t just read out your CV either! Give your video CV a wow factor and tell a potential employer what skills and accomplishments make you the right person for the job.

If it seems relevant, you can also mention about your passion for a particular job and refer to your relevant achievements to complete the picture.

QR Readers

Include a QR Code on your written resume, portfolio and business card.  These “Quick Reply”.codes are square-shaped bar codes which can be scanned by a smart phone or other device that then links via the internet to a specific website, blog, YouTube, etc. QR codes are now appearing in magazines and on billboards, providing a swift scan- and-link portal to further information for marketing purposes.

Use QR codes to similarly sell your skills and qualifications to potential employers. Competition among human resources is increasing and QR codes can provide a significant edge for the tech-savvy job seeker. A QR code displayed on your CV, portfolio, or business card will help get you noticed.

Since QR codes and readers are a new technology, how can we tell if a potential employer knows how to read them? According to HR professionals, this doesn’t matter. What matters is that they form a positive opinion about you. By seeing QR codes on your resume, their  human resources will identify you as tech-savvy and updated with technological trends, regardless of whether they possess the technology to read your QR codes or not.

Why create a Virtual CV - Signature StaffVirtual CV

Creating a virtual CV is another exciting implementation that can help you get the right job. You can create a virtual CV by visiting various virtual CV websites. These websites give job seekers an online platform where they can add a variety of CV relevant details. Its format provides convenience to potential employers in terms of viewing the work profile of each candidate.

You can use a virtual resume website in a variety of promotional ways. For instance, after you have created your virtual CV, you could write a blog to promote yourself to employers. And don’t forget the positive impact of  connecting with a variety of social media too.

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