Signs in Identifying Stress in Workplace

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Different people have different reactions to stress at workplace. Some tend to remain calm and cool even under pressure while some tend to explode at once. At a workplace individuals with different nature need to work together. It is not likely that ever one gets along with the rest of the colleagues. It is important to pay attention to the issue once it is pointed out. Identifying stress and taking appropriate Stress Management Policy measures for improvement of condition will make a workplace better.

  • Short temper is one of the first signs of stress. Stressed workers throw tantrums at the workplace and are not even slightly embarrassed while doing so. They scream at the co workers or bang staplers and other office stationary on the tables. Elevated stress levels can even make a person violent. He can harm the other individuals present at the workplace. High mercury levels need to be controlled. Management can arrange a confidential meeting with the affected employee and help him get rid of his stress.


  • Muscle cramps and frequent body aches are a reminder of work place stress. You need to relax your body. Long working hours and stressful job environment take effect on the person’s health. Shoulders, back and neck tend to ache more often. If the muscle cramps and body aches disappear on the weekends or after a day off you need to think about it seriously.


  • Increased stress levels take away focus from work. You may not be able to give your 100% efforts.


  • Stress causes a substantial decrease in the performance of the workers. A dedicated worker if starts spending more time in rather irrelevant activities (like surfing social network websites or excessive use of the phone) is showing signs of elevated stress at the workplace. Stress can cause a good performer to perform badly at his job.


  • High staff turnovers are never desired by the employers. One member of the staff can have issues and wants to resign but if workers continue to leave the company the management needs to think hard. Even if giving good salary and perks is insufficient to retain the employees’ the employers need to figure out the reason. Excessive workloads at the job causes increased stress in individuals. They look for jobs with reduced stress. Management needs to make positive changes to deal with the situation.


  • Stress at workplace can lead to the consumption of anti-depression & anti- anxiety medication by the workers. Excessive use of medication can lead to health issues. Counseling of the employees’ by a health professional will help reduce this problem.


Author: Vlasta Eriksson

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