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150+ Interview Questions

Our 150+ Interview Questions has been developed to provide hiring managers a resource from which to select questions that will help identify the most suitable candidate.

Some tips to make the most of your interviews:

  1. When developing interview questions only ask for information that will serve as a basis for the hiring decision.
  2. The same set of questions should be used to interview all candidates.
  3. You are looking for truthful, genuine answers that accurately describe the personality profile and skill level that will “fit” within the work environment.
  4. Develop questions based on each major task and responsibility in the position description and on knowledge, skills, and abilities required by the position. Include problem-solving questions that allow the applicant to think creatively.
  5. Whilst in an interview, many candidates will try to ‘sell’ their abilities and traits. As a result, your candidates will often tell you “what you want to hear”. Beware of a candidate who persistently says the right things but fails to back up statements with examples that demonstrate the requested value or approach in action.
  6. Pay attention to how your candidate answers your questions. Do they appear comfortable responding to each of your questions? If not, the candidate may be misrepresenting their credentials.

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