Resignation: A Win-Win Situation

by | Aug 8, 2011 | Career Help

Signature Staff Career Tips and HintsResignation is not a hard thing to do but it needs to be done the right way. Resignation is an option when you have to leave your job to join a new one or it becomes impossible for you to continue working at the same place. The right resignation method will keep a good image of you among coworkers or your boss. It is important to consider the feelings of the boss and the staff working when resigning.

Resignation letters need to be written carefully. It is not a good practice to point out negative feelings. It is very hard to control emotions when you are extremely unhappy with your boss or a colleague but resignation letters should be treated as official business letters. You should not state any negative feelings about your workmates or the company. The content should be simple. Words used in the letter have great implications on the letter you get in return from the company. You get a bad reference letter in return to a poorly written resignation letter.

Most letters given by companies just state the time period for which you have worked and your job description. When you leave the company and your boss is happy, you are most likely to get a good recommendation. Your letter will state that during your stay at the company you were good and of great help. Special achievements can be mentioned which makes it a good reference letter to present at the time of a new job interview. Some employers would even recommend you as the most suitable person for a particular job. This resignation will be the win-win situation you wanted. Some employers leave the gates open for you to come and rejoin later.

You need to think well before you decide to quit. There are a lot of options available rather than quitting the job. You can talk to your boss about the problems you face. Close meetings sometimes resolve the problem and you can continue working. It is very natural for the boss to get angry and frustrated when you inform them about your resignation. If meetings do not give a solution then you can quit on good terms. Instead of creating a conflict, you can leave gracefully. Employers will then recall you as a good worker. It is good to talk with your colleagues before leaving.

Good recommendation letters are a great problem solver. You have more chances of qualifying for a new job interview. HR executives get an idea about your skills and how you could be of use to them. They may confirm your record from previous employers.

Remember that to make the resignation a win-win situation, you need to leave the path open, always. Happy previous employers will help you find good new employers.

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