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When it comes to sourcing the right candidates to apply for your vacancy, there are two things to get RIGHT.

  • Your Pitch and;
  • Your Marketing Strategy

So where do you find the right candidates and how do you get them to apply for your vacancy?  How will you reach candidates that are NOT actively looking?

Well, it all boils down to the power of marketing, time and effort.

Your Pitch (Write a killer Job Ad)
A job advert has always been a marketing pitch. However, in today’s environment, it needs to get noticed among a tsunami of information. Dull adverts that sounds like a cut-and-paste from a position description, will simply not engage top-talent, and last minute, hastily prepared adverts will rarely hit the mark. Generally, an ad should be 400 to 600 words.

Your Marketing Strategy
Identify the right sourcing strategy based on the position you are looking for. Remember to spend time on the planning of this task as there is no ‘one size fits all’.

Here are a few known ways to consider:

  • Job-Boards: SEEK is a popular option, but it all depends on your industry and the role itself.
  • Social Media: Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter etc
  • Utilise your Professional Network
  • Tap into existing pools of Candidates i.e. Recruitment agencies

Important:  Consider what generation you like to attract . Gen X, Millenniums or iGen are attracted to different messages and use different forums.

Author: Vlasta Eriksson

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