Rebuilding after Covid 19

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Wow, what has just happened…. 

Australian is in a lockdown, we are using words like ‘Social Distancing’, business closing their doors and people are being stood down.  

Rebuilding after Covid19

However, our nation holds community values as a high priority and together we will bounce back. Businesses will re-open and employing people once again. We will rebuild and strengthen our economy. 

When will the big comeback happen? 

Well, that’s the big question. Our government is stating that it could take months before we will see some normality back in our lives. At that point, businesses will obtain new projects, increase their workload and require to rebuild new teams. But, there will be a period of uncertainly for some time and many employers will hesitate to employ a permanent workforce straight away.  

Tap into a flexible workforce  

The good news is that you can tap a flexible workforce without having to take on permanent staff straight away. With the help of our professional team-members, you will be able to see through project by project at a steady pace, until such time you have the confidence of making permanent arrangements. At Signature Staff, we are gearing up for that momentum-shift and we are set to provide Cairns employers with a flexible workforce. As a licensed Queensland Labour Hire provider, we are ready and willing to assist businesses with high quality, cost-effective Temporary staff and contractor options now and in the future. 

The benefits of temporary employees or contractors remain consistent for employers in both buoyant and challenging economies: 

  • Reduce your salary bill, overheads and employment risks 
  • Adjust your business more easily and quickly to workload fluctuations eg. projects, leave periods or seasonal peaks 
  • Maintain staffing flexibility in uncertain economic times 
  • Tap into specialised skills for all industries and work-types 
  • No permanent commitment while you evaluate the performance and fit of potential employees 
  • Transition high-quality temporary staff and contractors to permanent status, with ease and certainty 
Rebuilding after Covid19

How does it work 

We will source the correct person for you (or you can refer a person to us), onboard them properly, look after statutory costs such as insurances & superannuation and of course pay them for the weekly hours you authorise. At the end of each period we will pass on the employment costs plus a modest fee per hour for the service and convenience. 

We are there to help when you require temporary aid for just a day or for 6 months. Our time frames and pay rates are flexible, so please consider Signature Staff, a locally owned and operated company since 1998.

Rebuilding after Covid19

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