Ready for a Career Change?

by | Dec 10, 2012 | Career Help

If you are thinking about a career change, you might need to keep in mind four key areas that will help you determine if you are ready to complete the career change.

1. Research:

You need to complete research to save you time and energy before making a decision concerning a career change. Determining what skills you need for the new career, what the salary range is, and other information, allows you to make a more informed decision about the industry or career you want to go into and if it is worth the time and energy to switch to. Look into the associations that deal with the career you would like to transition to as those organisations can provide more detailed information about what the career really involves. It is easy to daydream about your dream career but once you conduct some research you can determine if it still sounds appealing to you.

2. Education:

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After conducting your research, you also have to determine if you need to increase your education or what types of certificates are needed for the new career. Ask yourself, can you apply the skills that you have already, or will your new career require specific education? Knowing this information is important as if your new career requires more education, can you afford to pay for more schooling or do you want to have a new career that doesn’t require you to gain any more education?

3. Flexibility:

Making a career change is not an easy thing to do and you shouldn’t expect it to happen quickly. You need to be flexible and accept that it could take longer to achieve your career goals than you first thought. By remaining flexible, you’ll increase your chances for success in your career transition and means seeing opportunities and adapting them to suit our needs. Another reason to be flexible is that as you explore career options you might never opportunities that you never considered or might not have considered if you hadn’t been flexible.

4. Passion:

Changing careers should be about passion because there is no sense in changing careers if you aren’t going to like it more than your current career. It isn’t about making more money, pursing someone else’s goals, or dreaming about job satisfaction or at least those aren’t reasons why you should be contemplating a career change. Rather it should be more about passion and curiosity to see what else is out there that might bring you happiness and fulfillment.

After completing your research, you’ll be prepared and able to determine if this new career really is your passion and what you want to go into. By conducting the planning and thinking ahead, you can help make the transition to a new career more easily.

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