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What is DISC?

DISC is a tool to examine the behaviour of individuals and grouping these into these four major “personality styles”  All individuals possess all four, but what differs from one to another is the extent of each.

How can it help me and my team?

Used by in excess of 40 million people, DISC profiling help Managers to eliminate much of the needless misunderstanding, and conflict that stop teams from working effectively together.

In other words, this provides you with a crystal ball through which to consider how an individual may react under different circumstances and your current team environment

The Graph Summary Report consist of the all analysis including the Job Match.

The following are included in the report:

  • DISC Graphs
  • Work Style Preference
  • Working Style
  • Personal Style
  • Public Style
  • Key Traits
  • Work Adaptation
  • Respond to Pressure
  • Observable Strength
  • Observable Limitation
  • Communication Style
  • Relationship Dynamics
  • Planning Style
  • Decision Making Style
  • Suitability for Management
  • Suitability for Service
  • Suitability for Sales
  • Suitability for Technical Work
  • Suitable Jobs – Top 10
  • Suitable Jobs – Top 5 in detail
  • Selected Job match

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