Planning levels for the 2020-2021 Migration Program

by | Nov 6, 2020 | Blog

The Department of Immigration announced the planning levels for the 2020-2021 Migration Program.

Net overseas migration will be 71,200 less than the 154,000 persons in 2019-20, but is expected to gradually increase to around 201,000 in 2023-24.

Skilled stream was reduced to 79,600 places (in comparison to 108,682 places last year)

However, the Department promised that Employer Sponsored, and Business Innovation and Investment Program visas will be prioritised within the Skilled stream.

The places for the Family stream were temporary increased to 77,300 places (47,732 places in the last year).

The tables below don’t reflect the entire immigration outlook however they cover the major categories.

Skilled stream

Employer Sponsored22,00039,000
Skilled Independent6,50018,652
State/Territory Nominated11,20024,968
Business Innovation and Investment13,5006,862

Family stream


Onshore visa applicants and Partner visa applicants where the sponsor resides in a designated regional area, will be prioritised for the 2020-21 Migration Program.

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