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We spend 8 and sometimes 10 hours on the job so it is very important to try to find the right job that you can build your career with. We all know that no job is perfect but you can at least find one that will fit your requirements.


Tips for job research

  1. Know what you want: if you know what sort of job will fit your needs it makes researching job sources easier. Consider your talents and what sort of job will be suitable for you. Write down some areas where you can excel. Consider your talents and qualifications. For example if you are an outgoing person who likes helping people then a customer service job might be good for you. These are the jobs you would research first.
  2. Prepare to be flexible: sometimes you find that there are no jobs open in your field. Prepare to compromise and see any job that you may be able to do. You can at least start earning some money on a job while you search for one in your own line.
  3. Researching online: there are a number of good websites for jobs and careers. For example seek.com.au, careerone.com.au and mycareer.com.au you can browse through these websites and apply for any of the open jobs that are suitable for you. Be sure that you have your resume ready in word document on your computer so that you can upload it to the site for your applications.
  4. Social media sites: Twitter and Facebook are large social media sites and you can find companies listed here. If you feel that you would like to work for any of these companies you can contact them through these social media sites. Even if they do not have jobs formally listed they may still have openings for qualified candidates who approach them.
  5. Company websites:another way to find jobs is to look at some company websites that you feel you would like to work for. Many companies do not advertise positions that are open and you can find them through these means.
  6. Researching offline: news paper classifieds are still good for jobs, although much of the recruiting process has moved online. There are still some local papers and employment papers that you can pick up at local stores like the grocery store.
  7. Find out about the company: before you apply for a job at a company and especially before you accept it you need to find out more about the company. You can Google the company and find out through:

  • Blogs: many businesses have company blogs and these can set the tone of who they are and what they stand for. It is interesting to take a quick look through these blogs to find out about a company.
  • Forums: business forums are good to find out firsthand about people’s experiences with a company. You can then see whether you will be alright working there.
  • Their own website exactly who they are and what they stand for. Company websites often have interesting and in depth information about a business.

Researching a job is well worth the time spent. It will save you from getting stuck in a job which you truly find so bad that you want to resign as soon as possible. It is important that you like the job and the company you work for, so that you will feel encouraged to do your best at the work place. If you do not like the job you cannot expect to excel there and also it will hamper your career, as you cannot progress in a job you do not like.

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