New International Travel Arrangements For Australians

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Australia is gradually moving to the next phase of the National Plan to transition Australia’s National COVID-19 Response (the Stage C).

The main measures at this stage includes:

  • 80% fully vaccinated residents;
  • Highly targeted lockdowns only;
  • Exempt vaccinated residents from all domestic restrictions;
  • Abolish caps on returning vaccinated Australians;
  • Lift all restrictions on outbound travel for vaccinated Australians; and
  • Gradual reopening of inward and outward international travel, with safe countries and proportionate quarantine and reduced requirements for fully vaccinated inbound travelers.

As New South Wales and ACT now turning into the most vaccinated cities in the world today, from the 1st of November Australian Citizens and permanent residents and their immediate families will be allowed to travel overseas and return if they are vaccinated, with no caps on their return.

At this stage only the New South Wales Government has advised that they will be in a position to move to a no quarantine arrangement (neither hotel quarantine, not home quarantine) for people arriving back in Australia from the 1st of November.

The capped arrangements in other states will continue due to the lower vaccination levels in those places. Western Australia has indicated its intention to keep its border closed until next year.

The Authorities are also expanding the definition of ‘immediate family’, which now will include not only partners and children, but the parents of Australian residents and citizens. From the 1st of November those family members will be able to come into Sydney if they are vaccinated and not have to quarantine.

There will be a 210 cap per week in New South Wales for unvaccinated Australians to come back.

Other visa holders – including temporary skilled visa holders, student visa holders, international visitors travelling under an ETA or other visa arrangement – not yet allowed to come into Australia.

However, depending on how the situation will develop the borders will Government will move to the other priorities, which set out as being students, employer sponsored and skilled migration to Australia.

As the last step the Government will move on to the challenge of dealing with international visitors.

To summarise all above, from the 1st of November, Australian Citizens, permanent residents and their immediate family members will be able to depart Australia without permission and return to Australia through Sydney without quarantine arrangements if they are fully vaccinated. Alternatively they could return wherever they like under the capped quarantine arrangements in their states and territories.

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