Looking to reduce your organisation’s energy bill?

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Searching for an easy process to reduce your organisation’s energy bill..?

Looking for a way to fall in with the Queensland Government’s Q2 target to cut Queensland’s Carbon Footprint by 30% by 2020?

Missing Link Resource Coordinators can provide tools to first identify energy inefficiencies at worksite level and then guarantee a significant reduction in energy consumption. This consumption monitoring system can deliver an energy budget to organization that is – No Fuss, Supportive, Cost Effective and Practical.

The process is non intrusive, done in collaboration with staff and seamlessly built into operating procedures. The benefits of reducing your carbon footprint, cost savings, engaged staff, marketing opportunities with proven results.

Eco-efficiency makes good business sense. Being environmentally efficient can and does produce real cost and time savings. It produces positive relationships with clients and suppliers, as well as regulatory authorities. Reduction in the use of energy and the generation of waste are quantifiable cost savings for a business. A business which promotes itself as eco-friendly’, sustainable’ or any other of these terms implies a commitment to environmental protection and thought about minimising the impacts of its business on the environment in which it operates.

As a good social citizen it would be expected that in this time of triple’ or quadruple bottom line’ business principles, the environmental and social impacts of a business are just as important as the financial or safety aspects and need to be considered in the continuous improvement aspects of any systems thinking that are applied to ensure the efficient running of the business.

Click here to check out their website: www.the-missing-link.com.au

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