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by | Nov 5, 2013 | Employers Tips

HR resources have certainly changed their methods for seeking new talent. Nowadays, corporate hiring has become more internet-interactive compared to a decade ago. Both employers and recruiters engage in various social platforms to launch their hunt for new talent and new employment opportunities. The majority of our younger generational employment seekers are familiar with the social platforms being used for recruitment and hiring.Signature Staff Blog

Social platforms combine many strands of social media, blogs and internet communication systems such as Twitter.  It makes for a far-reaching medium for both HR resources and job seekers. There are virtually no limits to the scope of the social platform approach. Nearly 90% of the corporate sector will search for new talent via popular social networks and websites.  It is a great way for them to source the kind of talent that fulfills their expectations.

Finding the right candidates can be a challenging task.  But it is made more manageable through using social platforms. Recruiters can know whether or not a job seeker is currently available and identify their related interests.

Social platforms allow HR resources to filter the right candidates more efficiently than ever before. Job seekers can be grouped together according to their interests and the ways they can be of value to the specific employee-seeking organisation. A smooth recruitment process incurs fewer financial losses due to its efficiency in finding the right people.

The good news for HR resources is that new recruitments can be sourced quickly using social platforms. This is mainly due to the use of efficient keywords to filter talent across the social network websites.

Looking for talent through Social PlatformsThere is plenty of talent to be found via social platforms providing the search is conducted in the right way. Most recruiters and companies update their profile pages and encourage interested jobseekers to join them. This gives them the chance to decide on the best candidates available.

The additional advantage of social media is that the recruitment process can be more refined to the specific field of interest. With professional HR resources experienced in this technology, it becomes a significant tool with respect to their recruitment demands.

Social platforms provide great opportunities to identify suitably skilled talent. It can be used to reach the most desired group of candidates, which is not possible using more traditional methods of recruitment. Social platforms are one of the fastest growing forums for job hunting and recruitment.  If your business is not taking advantage of this, you may well be missing out.

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