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LinkedIn is the largest professional networking site on the web with over 350 million users on their network. If you aren’t on LinkedIn yet, or haven’t updated your profile for a while here is couple of tips to help you on your way. I like to call LinkedIn the Facebook for grown-ups.

Whether you’re looking to build your online network, make a connection with your customers or are open for new career opportunities, this is definitely the space you need to be on.  A network of 350 million users need to be taken into serious consideration.

Three and a half million Australian professionals are already playing in this space, so how can you take advantage of this platform?  Signing up and creating a profile is the minimum that you must do. Here are some tips on how to build a profile that will create some opportunities for you.

  • A complete profile with a photoLinkedIn Profile

Make sure that your profile photo is a professional and preferable a head shot.  Remember this is not Facebook, so keep it professional. I do recommend having a professional video as well as your photo so people can really get the essence of who you are.

Complete your whole profile with your skills, experience, education, certifications and volunteering work (if it compliments your professional profile) you might have done.

You can enhance your profile even more by adding articles, videos and presentations.

  • Summary

Ensure your summary and everything else on your profile is professionally written with no spelling or grammatical mistakes. An Executive summary should sum up who you are, what you do and what values you bring. Make sure this is factual and authentic; that is what people are looking for. If not, people will find out the truth sooner or later and this could create embarrassing moments.

  • Recommendations

Once you have added your connections, now you need to focus on getting recommendations for your current or past work. Recommendations bring life to your profile and make you more “real” to someone who is viewing your profile, whether a possible employer or a former co-worker.

  • Network building

Once you have a complete profile, you will need to start building your network. More connections means more opportunities whether it is networking, jobs or publishing. Start by looking up current or former co-workers and any professional members you know of through your professional associations. The one rule to follow is only add (what do you mean ‘add’?– request connection or accept invitations?) those people that you actually know.

  • Groups

LinkedIn a network for the grownupsYou need to join groups on LinkedIn which are related to your profession, industry, expertise, etc. Groups help you networking with others on LinkedIn, share or gain ideas, or learn about job opportunities. Don’t be afraid to express your point of view; this is how you stand out from the crowd.

  • Follow companies

Follow companies that you are interested in on LinkedIn as they typically post company news or new job openings on their company profile page. In addition, you can see who is on LinkedIn that works for that particular company (and how you are connected), and the company’s hiring/employment statistics.

  • Continue logging in

After creating a complete profile, building your network, getting recommendations, joining groups and following companies, you still need to do some work. You should be logging into your LinkedIn profile at least once a week or checking the emails sent to you by LinkedIn and the groups you belong to on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is certainly a platform for the grown-ups that you need to be part of to leverage your position. Ensure that you create a profile that Rocks; remember it’s still a social platform so get networking and make sure that you log in at least once a week.


Hope you have found this post helpful, feel free to leave a comment and if you like more specific help with your profile email me  and write “Help with LinkedIn profile” in subject line.

Happy Networking

Vlasta Eriksson

Founder and Director of Signature Staff


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