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Looking for a job?  Then don’t forget the benefits of Social Networking to help you succeed.

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HR Professionals use various tools for human resource management such as training and remuneration. These HR tools are also used when companies are seeking new employees.

The recruitment process includes a variety of steps to attract, evaluate and select potential candidates. The initial phase of attracting candidates is a two-way street. Job seekers need to get the attention of employers to have a chance at being considered.

Today, employers use a diverse range of methods to attract candidates to apply for jobs. Some include campus drives, newspaper advertisements, vacancy postings on their company’s website, postings on various recruitment websites and social networking. These HR tools help them gain profiles for as many candidates as they can.

Get Yourself Noticed

One of the most effective and quickest ways of getting noticed by recruiters is by promoting yourself using social networking. Joining various platforms will help.


LinkedIn is very useful for experienced professionals. You can create a detailed profile on the Linkedin website and use it for different objectives. Firstly, the profile enables you to join a network of professionals who you personally know. This will give you the opportunity to connect with the ‘contacts of your contacts’ who can then help with your job search directly or indirectly.

Secondly, with your profile containing all your qualifications, experiences and interests, it will act as one of the many HR tools professionals use to approach desired candidates. Often, there are fields in which candidates with the sort of experience desired by employers are scarce. In such cases, LinkedIn will be one of the places where employers will establish their presence to attract potential candidates.


Facebook is another social platform where companies display their own pages. They use these pages to showcase any current vacancies. Also, there are often location- or profession- specific pages that communicate vacancies to those seeking jobs. If you are searching for a job in Australia, search for the biggest companies and their pages on Facebook and join them.  Additionally, join pages created by HR consultancy firms or individuals that promote job vacancies in Australia.

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