Job Descriptions – Are they Working for You?

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A well-crafted job description is vital for employee guidance and effective recruitment. Follow these eight tips to ensure your job descriptions are comprehensive and impactful:

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  1. Job Title: Clearly state the position’s title, such as “Financial Controller.”
  2. A well-defined job title attracts the right candidates and helps to avoid confusion during the hiring process. So, remember to include the exact job title and
  3. check for any mistakes in spelling, grammar, or punctuation.
  4. Main Purpose: An effective job description starts with a short overview of what job seekers can expect from the position. Define the objective of the role, outlining specific responsibilities like leading financial accounting and reporting activities.
  5. Reporting Line: Specify the direct reporting relationship, such as reporting to the General Manager.
  6. Tasks and Duties: Divide duties into sections (e.g., Operations, Sales, Administration) for clarity.
  7. You may wish to expand the breakdown into daily, weekly, and monthly timeframes so candidates better understand the job’s duties.
  8. The important responsibilities and measures of success should be clearly defined. These responsibilities should be focused on 3-5 main areas. Success should also be measured in these areas.
  9. The measures of success should indicate how progress and achievements will be evaluated. Quantify and qualify indicators when possible.
  10. Skills and Qualifications: List critical skills, experience, and qualifications required for competence in the role.template qualification
  11. Attributes and Traits: Clearly define desired traits and personality characteristics, such as tact, diplomacy, creativity, or confident communication.
  12. Agreement: Ensure mutual understanding by having both parties sign the document, confirming the employee’s acknowledgement of essential functions.

Things to Avoid:

  • Discriminatory References: Avoid any references that discriminate against applicants based on factors like religion, race, sex, age, disability, or national origin.
  • “Minimum Years of Experience”: Refrain from using phrases like “minimum of xx years of experience” to prevent potential age discrimination.

For a comprehensive and compliant approach, consider using a Job Description Template from Signature Staff’s library, offering over 400 job descriptions.

If you need further guidance or assistance in optimizing your job descriptions, feel free to contact Signature Staff.

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