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Business-InsuranceIn our January e-Newsletter we have run an article on the Queensland’s Business initiative with regards to the the Job Assist – Business Support program.

Click on link to view Jan 10 issue:

Queensland has recently changed the criteria for Job Assist with regards to the customer eligibility and the outcome in both of the stages.

The following are the inclusions:

Customer Eligibility:

The eligibility criteria under this activity are that the business must:

be experiencing one of the following:

  1. the variation in working capital is negative and has declined by more than 25% between the two points in time i.e. 30 June 2009 and the most recent reporting period, or
  2. the business begins the two point period with negative working capital and remains in that position at the end of the two point period.

Outcomes for the Customer


Stage 1

A business assessment is undertaken by an experienced consultant to:

  • identify deficiencies in the working capital

Stage 2

Proposed outcomes include:

  • improved working capital position

Please read our article for the full criteria

Additional Information as per QLD Government Information Sheet:support

Consultant Acceptance and Engagement Process

Suitably qualified consultants who can provide the services outlined in Stage 1and/or 2 can make application to the Department to be included on the Consultant Database. Applications must be submitted for each individual Key Person who will deliver the service.

Applications will undergo a due diligence process and will be included on the database at the Department’s sole and absolute discretion based on their qualifications and suitability. When accepted, applicants details are placed on the Consultant Database that will be made available to eligible customers within the region.

How do I apply

  1. Complete an Application Form and return it to the local Regional Centre.
  2. Internal governance checks will be undertaken by the Department. The consultant will receive confirmation of acceptance or decline after a review and determination of your suitability. Should the application be accepted, your details will be placed on to the Consultant Database for selection by customers.
  3. Where you are selected by a customer, you will receive a Letter of Engagement.
  4. Provide a current Certificate of Currency for Public Liability insurance and Public Indemnity insurance prior to commencement of any service provided to the customer.
  5. You will commence contact with the customer and provide the services under the respective stage within the nominated timeline.
  6. Upon completion of the contracted service, you are to provide a report and invoice to the Regional Centre.
  7. Your invoice will be assessed against the costings provided in your application form for the services provided and payment arranged.

Additional Consultant Services

Where the costs for the provision of services for stages 1 and 2 exceed the amount specified for each stage, the amount in excess of the specified amount is to be paid by the customer. Any additional arrangement between the consultant and the customer is not part of the support offered by the Department and the Department accepts no responsibility for any such arrangement.

For any further information please contact your local Regional Centre of the Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation (DEEDI) on 1300 363 711.

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