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Signature Staff BlogInterviewing job applicants is Prime Time in the staff recruitment process.  Conducting an effective interview enables an employer to assess whether a candidate is suitable for the position. But this is only revealed if the interview has structure. You can’t assess how well each applicant is responding in relation to other candidates if specific interview questions are random or inconsistent. Here are some of interview techniques that can help you stay on track.

Make Preparations Prior To the Interview

Prepare for the interview by reviewing each candidate’s resume prior to the interview. Have a printed copy of the candidate’s resume available at the interview. Write down the key questions you want to ask each candidate and note your focus areas for the interview. Secondly, make sure that you are well prepared to answer any questions raised by the interviewees.

You can use the job description as a reference document as well as using it to help you analyze whether the candidate’s work experience and interview responses indicate their suitability for the job.

Listen With Clarity

Although the interview process requires you to impart information about the position, you will be focusing on each candidate’s answers and responses.  After you have put the candidate at ease, encourage them to speak clearly. If you miss anything the candidate says, ask them to repeat it and encourage the interviewee to share as much relevant information as possible.

Signature Staff BlogStay Focused

Although you are encouraging each candidate to speak out, it is still your responsibility to stay focused on the interview process and keep control through asking the right questions. Don’t lose track of your main staff recruitment goal, to hire the best person for the job.

If you use the interview time effectively, you can ask as many questions as required and make a comprehensive assessment.

Know the Candidate by Asking Opinions

Our true attitude is often expressed through our opinions. Knowing the candidate’s opinions can be helpful in determining how each candidate would contribute to the organisation. You could elicit their opinion about their previous job position or even economic issues faced by various industries.

You could even include asking the candidate their view about the position for which they have applied. If your applicant has truly researched your company and industry, they will be able to answer with confidence and authority.

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