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by | Nov 8, 2011 | Career Help

Many employees often spend hours staring at the clock wishing time could go by fast so they could leave the workplace soon. Such employees more often return home with dreading thoughts of yet another bad day at work.

Signature Staff Career AdviceIt is also true that everybody has issues that turn sour at work. Everyone has to deal with annoying managers, delayed reports, and times when everything seems to go in the wrong direction no matter what. Failing to deal with such situations, makes you a highly unpopular employee at work.

Most employees who more often face such situations need to be more inclined towards their commitment to work and their self esteem. There are several ways to become popular at work, seven of which are as follows.

1. Know people

Unpopular employees often think of what makes the popular employees so likeable. It’s very simple; try to know everyone so everyone in turns knows you. It will be more suitable to call it “Networking”. The best way to develop and grow your network is to know the people you work with and the ones you have worked with.

2. Stay in touch with people

Make it a point to keep in contact with everyone you have worked with. It does not matter if they sit two rows across you. If you were helped by a colleague with any unusual project or task, remember their courtesy and be keen to response well in time.

Don’t ignore people whom you pass by, try saying “hello” and ask about their work. Show interest in their job profile and ask them intelligent and polite questions on how they got there. This way you not only get to tell about yourself but also these people remember you.

3. Try to get to know people

Always greet people in the elevator or in the canteen. Strike a conversation about the weather or anything that would be of interest to both of you. While meeting people for the first time, ensure a firm handshake, and brief a little about your job and department.

4. Dress appropriately

You want people to know you, so you must dress to impress. It certainly does not mean that you need a whole new wardrobe, but be sure that your clothes are not torn or faded. Dress up professionally to represent your position instead of wearing revealing or overly flashy clothes.

5. Talk

Talk as much as required, otherwise you will be avoided because you talk too much. Try to talk about something intelligent or useful. You should not always talk about the same topic such as the weather, or how you are. Bring something different to the table such as pop music, culture, and other things. Intelligent conversations are a great way to become popular at work.

6. Help out people

The easiest way to become popular at work is to help people out. You can volunteer in the organization when there are opportunities or perhaps help a co-worker with a challenging task.

7. Do not try to climb the ladder

One you become popular at work, never try to climb the career ladder too fast. People have already started noticing you but that does not mean you divulge yourself. Remember once you fall from grace, it will take you much time to earn that position back.

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