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by | Feb 21, 2010 | Employers Tips

happy working enviromentIn today’s challenging market finding an employee who is the perfect fit to your workplace is utmost crucial to your business health and survival.

Signature Staff delivers solutions for your business through building business partnerships with our clients. Our ultimate goal is to provide our clients with an employee who will enhance their workplace environment and giving their business the advantage it deserves.

The benefits to our clients are within our points of difference in our values, our business ethics and our HR Resources Systems:

  • Giving you freedom to utilise your time on your business through tapping into our inimitable 360 recruitment process
  • Putting you in contact with over 1.2 mil candidates at a finger tip
  • Connecting you to a unique network structure
  • Making your decisions easy by offering candidate profiling, skills and psych testing
  • Advantage in utilising our consultants knowledge of varied industry background offering you effective solutions
  • Putting you in a strong position and giving you quality choice of talent pool by our marketing and advertising power doubled up with our revolutionary database search capabilities.
  • Your needs and requirements are matched by our dedication offering you 24/7 service, delivery time, superior guarantee structure and post placement support.

Signature Staff has an outstanding success rate by matching the right talent to the right workplace and position. Our transparent and thorough recruitment processes are modeled to the unique nature of our clients and candidates.recruitment

Did you know that our services are only billed at the acceptance of our candidate and the services to jobseekers are absolutely free?

For sound and professional advice please contact our dedicated consultants.

Author: Vlasta Eriksson

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