Importance of Reporting Workplace Harassment

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Employees are an asset of any organization and yet they are the ones who harass other employees at the workplace. Workplace harassment is not only initiated by the employees themselves, but it is also widely practiced by employers and customers of the business. It is the duty of employers to educate employees about employment laws and comply with federal laws.

Signature Staff Career HelpWorkplace harassment not only includes sexual harassment against women or men, but it is widely defined by the federal laws. The emotional and verbal abuse includes bullying, intimidation, put downs, harassment, coercion, shame, lying, exerting values of power, being overworked to extreme, condescension, excessive demands of perfection, creating feelings of powerlessness, being made to feel insignificant or inferior, excessive demands of perfection, not providing employees sufficient information to perform, belittling depriving of rights and benefits, unsuitable nonverbal behaviors, talking down to another, and setting up circumstances for failure.

According to the federal law, there is a lot of importance of reporting workplace harassment. These laws apply to employees, applicants, and former employees. Part time, full time and temporary employees are equally protected in this regard.

You should comply with the importance of reporting workplace harassment because you have the right to work in a harassment free environment. If you are harassed by the employer for a job, you can report it because the law states that no employer can make job decisions based upon color, race, religion, origin, sex, genetic information, marital and parental status.

Mostly women complain about sexual harassment at workplace, but they don’t feel appropriate to report it because they fear they might be led down or fired from work. Federal laws clearly state that sexual harassment should be reported immediately to the concerned authorities with suitable evidence. The law also asserts severe punishment for employers or employees who indulge in such acts. Such punishments depend on the nature of harassment.

You must have sound knowledge of the harassment laws and the importance of reporting workplace harassment because this will help you take the best action in case you are harassed.

You can report harassment very easily if you have enough evidences. A safe workplace will ensure better staff retention and satisfaction, whereas it will also enhance the reputation of the organization. It creates a professional environment and increases the willingness of employees to speak up confidently on such issues.

Many workplaces do not provide much information or completely ignore the employment rules and harassment reporting. The ignorance of these matters increases the confidence of such employees and employers who are responsible for harassing both genders equally.

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