Importance of Exit Interviews

by | Aug 12, 2011 | Employers Tips

Why exit interviews are importantExit interviews provide the employers an opportunity to find out exactly how they are seen by the employees. Results of the exit interview help the employers to bring about positive changes in the working conditions, benefits and human resource management. Exit interviews are mostly conducted right before the employee has to leave the organization. It is a better idea to schedule the interviews at least a week before departure of the employee. Every employee is a valuable asset to the company and no employer likes their skilled staff to leave. Exit interviews give employers a chance to talk to the employee and figure out the reasons of him leaving the job.

Manner in which exitinterviews are conducted is very critical. Questions should be selected carefully. Personal and derogatory remarks should be avoided. Employee may feel intimidated. Employers can calm him down and assure that the feedback given will be of great help to implement new positive changes in the company. Emotions should be considered at the time of an exit interview. Employers should understand that it is natural for the employee to be unresponsive to the questions. They can also fire back. Such situation needs to be dealt carefully.

Exit interviews can be a part of a HR Resources and HR support system. Such interviews are a learning process for effective human resource management. Company can use the criticism in a constructive way. Employers get to know the lacks in working policy or staff management. Some employees’ have issues with the fringe benefits provided to them. It is easier to find a solution when the exact problem is known. Exit interviews give a thought to the employers to review their recruitment and staff management policies.

Departure of an employee is not just a reduction in the total number of staff members but every leaving employee takes vital information and useful skills along with him. Replacement may not have the same level of knowledge and skills. Exit interviews can be handy in such situation. The management can request the leaving employee to guide the new employee taking his place. This is a good gesture to make an employee realize that he is important to the company.

Management may never be able to know the exact reason of resignation of an employee. Sometimes exit interviews help retain the leaving employee. At times small unresolved issues create a great deal of misunderstanding between the staff members and the employer. Employee may feel that his skills and knowledge is not used to full potential. There is no chance of growth or development. It is better to discuss and sort the issues at the time of an exit interview.

Exit interviews are an effective way of getting a feedback. Interviews held in respectful way are helpful for the employers to plan their future strategies.

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  1. Gregg Locks

    Well done for blogging on this subject. There isn’t a great deal of information published about it (not particularly helpful anyway). It is refreshing to see it receiving slighlty more coverage. Thanks again!


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