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The interview will always be the most important selection criteria. No matter how impressive your CV is, a poor performance in the interview will lessen your chances of success.

Getting to the interview stage is not that easy, so make sure you make most of it…


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Here are my 7 tips how to prepare for your interview.


1. Research the company and the hiring manager.

Google the company and take special note on what might be different about this company than its competitors. Your ‘homework’ should also include a study of their ‘mission statement’ and ‘values’, often conveniently kept in the read up the ‘About us’ section on their website.    The hiring manager may be more difficult to research, but Charlie, Crystal Knows, LinkedIn or other Social Media tools and apps can be very effective

Convince your interviewer that you know the company well, establish a deeper connection and show that you are genuinely interested in the company’s position.


2. Ensure you understand the position you have applied for.

You need to demonstrate that you have a great understanding of the role you have applied for and how your skills match the key criteria. Review your own CV and have a clear vision of your own career path and how the position you are applying for and the company fits in with your path


3. Dress accordingly.

Inappropriate dress or careless grooming ruins many interviews as most interviewers are strongly influenced by first appearances. Research their ‘dress code’ and follow suit.  If you can’t find the dress code online, make a visit to the premises anonymously.


4. Greet the person appropriately

Generally speaking, when first meeting with the interviewer, offer a firm handshake, smile and look the person in the eye.  Having said that, it may depend on your interviewer’s culture. Once again, researching the company and your interviewer will guide you in this regard 


5. Interview Questions

It is important to understand that most interviewers recognise the link between the past and future behaviour. In due course they will be attempting to establish your past behaviour A good hiring manager will ask you some behavioural-style questions, so make sure to be prepared for them. You can read more about this here https://signaturestaff.com.au/blog/behavioral-interview-questionere/


6. Be Honest

Be honest but polite and do not lie!  A skilled interviewer will find out the truth fairly quickly if they suspect that you are not truthful and your applications will be stopped from progressing further.


7. Don’t bag your previous employers

Regardless of your opinion of past employers, bagging them in an interview is not the best way forward. If you had a difficult relationship with a particular past employer and if asked, you could honestly say that the employment situation was not suitable to your circumstances or it didn’t align with your future goals.  Remember, to be honest, polite and brief with these type of answers.  Review your probable answers to questions that are likely to be difficult.  It will help you to be clear and precise when answering them and you don’t sound like you’re making things up as you go.


These are the most important things that you should cover when preparing for an interview, but there is always more you can do. If you like to find out more information or other career advice please click here:


Now it’s time for you to nail that Interview!!!

Good Luck!!!







Author: Vlasta Eriksson


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