I Am Sorry BUT I Have Been Offered More Money

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Do you need more staff?

If you said YES, I do need more staff, well good luck!

There is a shortage of talent in the market. Your competitors also think they need more staff and they are also actively looking.

Your competitors might even have their eyes on some of your best staff right now! We are on the edge of a war………..a “Talent War”.

Not good I know…………………..

To win the “Talent War” you need to differentiate yourself from your competitors by showcasing your value and offering your existing and prospective employees the opportunity to be better off by working for you.  

The reality is this costs you time and money.  The first step is to make sure you are getting the right work, doing the work right and keeping the cash.  

When you do this you will make more money and have more time so you can afford to recruit, train and retain the best talent.

I Am Sorry BUT I Have Been Offered More Money

Do those words, make your heart sink?

The reality is you are more likely to hear those words NOW than ever before.  There is a shortage of talent in the market.  Your competitors are also actively looking and may even be poaching your good staff.
The best form of defence is a good offence, get on the front foot and be ahead of the game by having clear “PayScale’s” in place.  PayScale’s is a document that outlines how your staff can earn more by gaining more knowledge, skills and experience.  It creates a compelling future for both your existing staff as well as when you are recruiting staff.

Most business owners underestimate the costs involved in recruiting and training new staff.  One of the best investments you can make is developing “PayScale’s” which can have a massive positive impact on your profit and the amount of time you have to spend working.

Sam Harrop
Business Maximiser Coaching

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