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In this month’s issue we’ll cover the changes to Bullying Laws and making sure your Xmas party is a success not a legal disaster.


Jan 2014 – New Anti-Bullying Laws

The implementation of the new workplace anti-bullying laws on January 1, 2014, is likely to cause a flood of complaints to authorities as employees use the mechanism to label general workplace unhappiness as bullying, experts warns.

With the amendments to the Fair Work Act, workers will be able to lodge complaints about bullying directly with the Fair Work Commission. The commission, which will be obliged to act on the application within 14 days, will have the power to issue an order to put a stop to the behaviour.

It has been designed to stop workplace bullying – which the Productivity Commission said impose up to $36 billion on the economy each year. Read More


Christmas Work Party – Success or a Nightmare
Christmas work functions are nice to have; to be able to reward your workers at the end of the year is something most employers love to do. As an employer I like to make sure that the Xmas Party will be memorable for the right reasons. I am sure you have heard of those horrid party stories which end up in a Court or even worse; I have to say I would rather a memorable photo on my office wall than a notice from the Court House.

Travis Sturgeon an Industrial Relations Lawyer at Williams Graham Carman Solicitors shares some valuable points with us to make sure that your Xmas Party is a success.

“There are three ways you can be held liable for your employees’ actions out of work

1. Under Workplace Health and Safety laws. At out of hours work functions, you still have a responsibility to abide by your obligations under workplace health and safety legislation.  This means you are still required to provide a safe environment for your employees and guests. Read More



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