How to write a cover letter (Stand out from the crowd)

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A cover letter for your resume is important. Many HR representatives and recruiters are extremely pressed for time they have to go through as many as hundreds of resumes per day. For this reason you need a good cover letter to let them know that your resume is going to be worth their time. If your letter is not good your resume may get trashed without even being seen.

Additionally a good cover letter will enhance your resume and make the recruiter give more importance to it. A good cover letter will also convince the recruiter that you are good for the job.

Tips for writing a great cover letter:

1) Consider what the recruiter is looking for:

  • Someone who has knowledge of the company
  • A prospective employee who is interested in this particular job
  • Someone who is organized can handle the job and is qualified.

2) Be brief: recruiters are busy people they do not have time for rambling. Write in a concise professional way that the recruiter can read quickly and get your points without wasting time.

3) Business style: keep your style professional and business like. This will tell the recruiter that you are a professional person and will be a good employee. Remember you are selling yourself.

4) Sell yourself: make sure that you come over as being well qualified for the job. Even if you have some doubts, never let the recruiter know.

5) Be sure there are no spelling or grammar mistakes. Nothing brings you down faster than making these unnecessary errors. Proofread before you send your resume and cover letter. Good grammar and spelling will let the recruiter know that you are a careful person who will not make mistakes on the job.

6) Be precise: state what job you are applying for. Be specific never say that you will take any job. This looks more professional and lets them know that you are interested in this job and not begging for employment.

7) Why do you want to work for the company? State your interest in the company showing that you know something about it. Secondly say how you will be fulfilled by doing this specific job. The recruiter will be impressed that you know about the business and will be convinced that you will be able to stay with the company if you find fulfillment in the job.

8 ) What you will contribute to the job and company: It is important to emphasize what you can contribute to the job and how you will be a good asset to the company.

9) The concluding paragraph should include a date that you will be following up and how you will be doing it. Never state” I hope you will call me.” This does not sound professional.

With these points you will be able to write a convincing cover letter that will earn you a job interview. Try to spend a little time on this important issue as it will make the difference between getting your resume read or binned.

Author: Vlasta Eriksson

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