How to Structure a Killer Interview

by | Jan 6, 2012 | Employers Tips

A well structured interview is the most effective way to judge the potential worth of a candidate. It is your opportunity to determine if the applicant is going to be the right person for the position. An unstructured interview, where you have no idea how the interview will progress, will hurt you and the organization more than the applicant. Asking the wrong questions – and failing to ask the right ones – may mean you miss out on the ideal addition to your team. Having powerful tools such as HR Resources is extremely helpful.  Signature Staff HR Resources

Here are some tips on creating a strong interview process:

• Ensure that you make time to go through the candidate’s CV – do not leave it until the last moment

• Offer the candidate a glass of water before the interview starts. Everyone is nervous at these times, which can result in a poor interview and you letting the best candidate slip through your fingers

• Explain to the candidate the structure of the interview, which will help put them at their ease and result in a better interview

• Tell them a little about your company. Ask a little about them, including the information on their CV. Be wary of any inconsistencies between the candidate’s CV and what they’re telling you.

Some strong interview questions that you should ask each applicant are listed below. By asking each applicant some of the same interview questions, you will gain comparative insights into the different applicants and their answers.

Why are you the right person for the job?

This is a fantastic question because it allows candidates to answer however they see fit, providing insight into their personality and working style. Some may provide a list of qualities and tell you how they fit the position, whilst others may concentrate on passion for the industry. Consider how their answer fits in with your current team and your business goals as a whole.

What do you know about our company?

Candidates that display knowledge about your company show they have made an effort to prepare for their interview. Good preparation skills are essential for any job and reveal self-discipline and a realistic approach. If a candidate hasn’t bothered to find out about your organisation, your strategic goals or your products and services, do you really want them working for your team?

What are your biggest weaknesses?

Be prepared for a wide range of answers. The content is less important than the candidate’s willingness to accept their imperfections and commit to either improving or working around them. If the candidate doesn’t address how they deal with their weaknesses, don’t be afraid to follow up.

Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?

Candidates with strong professional aspirations often display drive and enthusiasm that can really benefit your business. Look for candidates that have a good working knowledge of the industry and can identify relevant opportunities that may relate to their own careers.

What do you like to do in your free time?

When hiring employees it’s important to consider their place in your team. Finding out what candidates do in their free time can help you decide whether they will integrate successfully with your current team.

Do you have any questions about the position or our company?

This is a great leading question that allows candidates to find out relevant information; they may ask where you see the company in five years, how you feel the industry is changing or why you’re recruiting for the role. You’re looking for engagement and interest.

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  2. Bob

    These are great tips for interviews, and they certainly work for getting the best out of someone!

  3. Sean

    Showing you made a solid effort to not only learn about your prospective job position, but the company values in general will go a long way. I once had an interview where I was able to give exact numbers and figures related to the overall business, wow were they impresses. Don’t make the mistake fo skimping on your questions at the end, a last impression is almost as important as the first.


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    Very great tips for creating a strong interview

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    Thanks for guide about interview tips, find what I am looking for, also guide for resume


    It is a very great and amazing post it really gives us lots of ideas about interview. Thanks for sharing such a great post with us.


    Hi Barry, this is a great reminder of what’s important. Thanks for sharing this. I was wondering if you work in areas that involve hiring people with little or no experience and developing them. Are there a different type of questions you would use to get insight into their potential or would you just apply these questions to a broader range of non-work experiences and hope to find something that gives you insight?

  11. PointOne Recruiting

    Great guide questions. This would really help job seekers prepare for the interview. This will add confidence to them. thank you for sharing.

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  14. Scott

    In-demand job seekers often get snapped up quickly, so don’t let your own perfectionism slow things down — keep the hiring process moving. Make a job offer — even if it’s just a verbal offer — as soon as possible.

  15. Scott P

    Very nice post! I can still remember the quotations I always remember before I landed my first job. “There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.” There are also no secrets to being successful in an interview. If you prepare yourself, your answers, and show you are the right worker for the company, then you will be able to rock your interview and get the job.

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    Fairly awesome message! I can still recall quotes before I got my first job. “There are no shortcuts to achievement. This is the product of planning, hard work and learning from mistakes. “Also, in an interview, there are no tricks to being successful. If you’re preparing yourself, your responses, and demonstrating that you’re the right worker for the company, then you can rock your interview and get the job.

  19. Mansoor Alam

    Great article and it’s good ask applicant to enquire about position and company

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    Interesting read. Interviews play a crucial role in identifying the best talent to bring into the workforce.

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    i’ve gone through such interview and rejected i can feel the pain of such interview. Great information.

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      Thanks you Jeff. Much appreciated. Wish you the best and hope you found something. Let us know if you require any assistance.

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