How to Keep Staff Engaged and Fulfilled

by | Apr 19, 2012 | Employers Tips

Managers play a key part in keeping staff engaged and fulfilled in the workplace and are also key in retaining staff. Engagement has been defined as a persistent state of work fulfilment, which then translates into enthusiasm and passion for the job and company, adding to higher than average levels of concentration, focus, and energy. Employees who are treated well by the organisation feel a sense of obligation to their job, and will show that sense of obligation through increased job productivity and performance.  Take away any of these factors and your employee engagement suffersSignature Staff Blog.

Companies can solve many of their most critical and expensive problems just by understanding their employees. With more reliable information, employers will be able to fit employees into jobs they will excel at, see who would become a better, stronger manager, improve their customer service, and overall build a more effective organisation. But how do you go about gaining this type of information?

Employee assessments are an option to use to discover the type of information to help build employee engagement. These assessments allow higher management a perspective on the current views in their organization by employees, and highlights areas of concern affecting the total workplace experience. In addition, the employee assessments can be used to determine what motivates employees, as each employee is motivated by different means, and by knowing what motivates each employee and addressing those individual needs, the organization will create a highly motivated and engaged workforce, leading to a successful and productive workplace. Some employees prefer to be rewarded through incentives such as promotions, flexible hours, or more team building activities. There is a pattern that being more aware of what motivates or concerns your workplace creates a stronger sense of loyalty, improved performance and greater cohesion. The second benefit of knowing what employees want is that employee retention will increase since employees no longer have the need to leave in order to find opportunities for fulfilment elsewhere.

Signature Staff BlogThe employee assessment will also help managers track and manage the personal development of their employees, allowing the performance and development of each employee to be customised. While some employees are happy with the status quo and do not have personal development goals, others will lose enthusiasm or engagement within the organisation if their personal development goals are not being met or they don’t see the opportunity of being met. By using employee assessments, managers are better able to take stock of an employee’s interests and aptitudes and help them apply these talents where most appropriate.

In order to keep employees engaged and satisfied, organisations must first determine how employees view the current status of the company, what employees enjoy about the company, what they feel is lacking, and what measures they would like to see to be more satisfied at work. Some of the employee’s requests will be attainable, such as greater communication or flexible work schedule, and some might now, but knowing what the employee wants or hopes for is the first step in creating a strong engaged employee workforce.

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  1. Jeremy

    What I think is currently neglected by many companies is the feedback given to the employees. In fact, one of the most important things to keep your employees constantly engaged is to show them that their work is meaningful and that it has some tangible results. There’s nothing that puts people off more than a dull and steady job. You would be surprised but unhappiness in the workplace where progress means nothing is often connected to health problems. According to various surveys, people with low-paying jobs and with few possibilities to make progress have a higher risk of heart disease than those who feel satisfied in their careers. I just recently read that only a small number of employees are happy with their working environment which results in increasing importance being placed on different wellness programs and even a workplace exercise regimen to increase productivity and develop a more positive attitude.

  2. Amy Turner

    Regular employee assessments that lead to promotions is a big advantage to companies in terms of continuous and high level performance. By having low turnover rates the company saves a great deal of resources. When employees are satisfied they might wish to grow old with the company and high retention speaks volumes in terms of loyalty, efficiency and valuable output.


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